Nodena by H. Roe
 The art of Herb Roe, depicting a North American mound builder city




Book of Mormon Covenant Lands According to the Best Sources

Choice Above All Other Lands 


For generations Latter-day Saints have sought the whereabouts of places named in the Book of Mormon. Sensational publications have led some to exotic ruins in far away jungles - and to disappointment. This book calls for a return to the basics: LDS scripture and firsthand, verifiable statements by Joseph Smith.  Choice Above All Other Lands objectively presents the facts on a subject that concerns more than geography - a subject that really shouldn’t be so controversial. 

Over 200 pages of carefully researched material, fascinating and clearly written; drawing upon the best sources, including Times and Seasons articles edited and signed by Joseph Smith (featured in their entirety in the appendix).

Over 50 pictures: including maps, charts and provocative artifact images. The main title is a quote from the Book of Mormon. You will not find a more careful treatment of original source material identifying the American Promised Land.

Author W. Vincent Coon is trained in the analytical methods of Six Sigma with a Master’s in Physics and a background in the Hebrew language. This book is a must read for anyone interested in the genuine setting for the Book of Mormon.

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